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  • US$0 base + US$0.65 per options contract1
  • Robust tools and platforms
  • Support from options specialists
  • Education and expert commentary

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Place single and multi-leg option orders
Options probabilities
Options statistics
Options screener
Tools to see liquidity changes
Chart indicators and studies
Simulated trade and portfolio risk analysis
Fundamental analysis
In-platform live chat with options specialists
Livestreamed market commentary

Sharpen your options trading skills risk-free.

Explore a simulated trading experience on thinkorswim platforms, allowing you to practice your trading at any time—without putting your money at risk. 

Talk strategies and tactics with U.S.-licensed options trading specialists.

Our options trading specialists are dedicated to using their trading experience to help you evaluate and implement your options strategies. 

Make more informed trading decisions with U.S. market insights and investing education.

U.S. Market Commentary

Get weekly insights from top Schwab professionals.

Schwab Market Update

Read our daily recap of the biggest market news.

U.S. Investing Education Center

Cultivate your skills and learn new ones, no matter your level of experience.

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