Costs of Investing

Costs of Investing: A Breakdown

It's not always easy to get a handle on your investing costs. Depending on where you invest, it might be difficult to get a good understanding of what the costs are and what investors might expect to pay for them. We believe it shouldn't be that way. You should always know what you're paying—and finding that information should be easy.

Stocks and Options

Stock options
What are the costs? What you pay with Schwab
Trade Commissions 
Every time you buy or sell a stock or option, your brokerage company may charge you a trade commission. This includes costs for routing, executing, and clearing the trade. 
US$0 commissions on online listed stock and options trades.1 
US$0.65 per options contract.2

Stock options disclosure


What are the costs? What you pay with Schwab
Price Markup
Generally, this is the difference between the market price of the bond and the price at which it's sold to you, including transaction fees.
US$1 per bond transaction fee for most secondary market bonds traded online (US$10 minimum/US$250 maximum).3

Bonds disclosure

Portfolio Management Fees

What are the costs? What you pay with Schwab
Annual Portfolio Management Fees
If you choose to have your portfolio of investments professionally managed or to obtain advice for a fee, there may be additional periodic costs. Usually based on a percentage of your assets, the costs can vary depending on the level of assets held in your portfolio and the level of service you receive.

Keep in mind that you may also be paying investment costs specific to the underlying assets in your portfolio, such as ETF or trade commissions.
Dedicated financial advice4
Starts at 0.80% for Schwab Private Client™5 

(Fee rates decrease at higher asset levels)

portfolio management fees disclosure


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