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Charles Schwab, U.K., Limited
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Research Approach

Support Your Investment Decision with Rigorous, Fact-based Research

A disciplined approach to research

At Schwab, we believe that fact-based research plays a crucial role in any investment decision. So we provide a disciplined, rigorous approach to research to help you build the right portfolio for your goals and risk tolerance.

The power of expert commentary

Regularly cited by the media and published in respected business and academic journals, The Schwab Center for Financial Research provides individual investors with timely, fact-based analysis on key investing topics such as the markets, economy and portfolio strategy.

The value of multiple perspectives

Schwab Equity Ratings™  rates approximately 3,000 largest (by market cap) U.S. corporations. You will also have access to third party research reports. To help you find investments that fit your strategy, we offer sophisticated stock and bond screeners to broaden your search and customise your selection criteria.