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Your financial picture can become complex as your assets grow. Consider taking a more sophisticated approach to investing through Schwab's separately managed account offering, Managed Account Select. 

What is a separately managed account?

A separately managed account is a portfolio of individual securities managed on your behalf by a professional asset management firm. You invest in individual securities, which can provide the ownership, control, and transparency you may seek. We'll work with you to find the managed account that fits your needs.

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Ownership has its advantages.

When you invest in a separately managed account through Managed Account Select, you'll enjoy:

  • Choice

    You'll have access to a range of investment strategies and the power to choose one focused strategy or diversify across several asset classes.

  • Quality

    Your account will be managed by the carefully vetted third-party professional asset manager you choose, and the Schwab Center for Financial Research (SCFR)1 holds them all to rigorous, research-based quality standards.

  • Flexibility

    Direct ownership of underlying securities lets you request adjustments, including tax-loss harvesting for U.S. expatriates and security or industry restrictions.2

  • Partnering

    A Schwab Financial professional can help you find an appropriate solution to address your unique goals and needs.

  • Transparency

    You'll have a clear view of the individual securities you own, plus ready access to account details and trade information.

  • Value

    You can access the expertise of experienced asset managers with low account minimums and at a competitive price, helping to keep more of your money working for you.

Find the strategy that's right for you.*

When you invest through Schwab's Managed Account Select, you can choose from a wide range of strategies, including:

  • U.S. and international equity strategies
  • Fixed income strategies, including bond ladders
  • Balanced strategies that include multiple asset classes

All strategies are managed by professional, third-party asset managers who apply their unique insights, experience, and investment acumen on your behalf.

These strategies and asset managers undergo rigorous reviews by SCFR, ensuring you have a variety of qualified asset managers to choose from.1

Fees and minimums

There are no trading or transaction fees, though there is a tiered, asset-based fee.3 The minimum investment varies based on strategy:

  • Equities

    Typically, a US$100,000 minimum with fee starting at 1.00%.

  • Fixed Income

    Typically, a US$250,000 minimum with fee starting at 0.65%.

  • Balanced

    Typically, a US$250,000 minimum with fee starting at 0.95%.

Common questions

A managed account (or separately managed account) is a portfolio of individual securities, such as stocks or bonds, that is managed on your behalf by a professional asset management firm. Unlike with a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund, you directly own the individual securities. Each separately managed account is designed to follow a specific asset class or achieve a targeted investment objective.

Yes. The minimum investment to open an account in Managed Account Select varies depending on strategy and asset manager. Typical minimum investments:

  • Equity strategies: US$100,000
  • Fixed income strategies: US$250,000
  • Balanced and equity index strategies: US$250,000

Our asset-based fees are blended on a tiered scale and decline with additional assets.3

  • Fees for equity strategies start at 1.00%
  • Fees for balanced strategies start at 0.95%
  • Fees for fixed income strategies start at 0.65%

You may be able to take advantage of lower pricing if you have multiple Managed Account Select accounts within your household, provided they are of the same asset class.4

No. Schwab believes in giving investors the freedom to choose from experienced third-party investment management firms. You can select from more than 10 asset managers representing multiple strategies. Work with Schwab professionals to help you identify suitable strategies for your specific needs. 

Schwab Center for Financial Research (SCFR) has a team of analysts who research, evaluate, and perform ongoing due diligence on the asset managers and strategies in Managed Account Select. SCFR's evaluation of asset managers and strategies for Managed Account Select, both qualitative and quantitative analyses, are conducted to provide a diverse array of strategies across multiple investment styles.1

No. If you have an existing relationship with a Schwab Financial professional, you can continue to work with them to review, select, and monitor your managed account. Your Schwab Financial professional will communicate with your selected asset manager on your behalf.

In addition to Managed Account Select, Schwab offers U.K. clients Schwab Wealth AdvisoryTM, a personalized approach to wealth management that pairs you with a dedicated advisor backed by an experienced team. Learn more about the investment advice solutions available to you.

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