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Schwab was built around a simple idea: put the client first.

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Seeing the world through clients' eyes has shaped who we are and what we offer.

We work hard to keep clients at the heart of everything we do by offering a better, more modern way to build and manage wealth.

Seeing the world through clients' eyes has shaped who we are and what we offer.

Seeing the world through clients' eyes has shaped who we are and what we offer.
  • Then
  • Now
  • Low pricing
  • Then
    When the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission deregulated securities in 1975, many Wall Street firms raised their commissions. We cut ours and established one of the first discount brokerages.
  • Now
    We've reduced the price of online listed equity commissions to US$0 and online options commissions to US$0 plus US$0.65 per contract.¹ 

  • Access
  • Then
    In 1996, at the risk of substantial cuts to our commission revenue, we embraced low-cost online investing in the early days of the internet because it benefited the consumer.
  • Now
    Access the U.S. market with intuitive tools and guidance to find U.S. stocks that fit your global investing strategy. 

  • Education 
  • Then
    Not satisfied with the industry's subjective stock ratings, in 2002 Schwab launched Schwab Equity Ratings3 , a fact-based system that ranks over 3,000 stocks, with equal numbers of buys and sells.
  • Now
    Deepen your understanding of U.S. investing and trading with our webinars and workshops. 

  • Accountability
  • Then
    In 2013, Schwab announces accountability as policy, believing every investor deserves it.
  • Now
    If for any reason you're not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your eligible fee or commission and work with you to make things right. You won't find that kind of promise everywhere but you will find it here.

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Make the most of the world's largest financial market.

Schwab is here to help you get the most out of your investments in the U.S—the world's largest financial market.* Our Financial Consultants, tools, and resources are all available to provide insight into American market trends. Together, we can help you understand the U.S market to help achieve your financial goals.

*Source: World Federation of Exchanges, as of December 31, 2018. Based on market capitalization.

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