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Schwab U.K. is a foreign branch office of Schwab and introduces residents of the United Kingdom or Switzerland to Schwab in the U.S. Schwab U.K. and Schwab process your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy of The Charles Schwab Corporation as set out above under the heading "Privacy Policy".

In addition, as a client introduced by Schwab UK, our use of your personal data may be subject to various privacy laws of the United Kingdom, including the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011, which means:

  • When you sign the application forms to open an account with Schwab you specifically consent to your data being transferred outside of the European Economic Area and to Schwab's use of your personal information in accordance with Schwab's privacy policy.
  • If you change your name, address, telephone number or email address, or if you believe that any information we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete, it is important that you notify us immediately so that we can update your records promptly.
  • Schwab will provide you with clear and comprehensive information about "Cookies" that are being used. This information is set out in the "Cookies" section.

Corporate Privacy Policy

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How Schwab Uses Cookies

The term "Cookies", which in this context means cookies and other similar device storage technologies, are small amounts of data that are based on your internet activity and are stored as text files by your internet browser on the hard drive of your computer or other electronic mobile device.

Schwab use cookies and gains your consent in the following ways:

On this website

  • Analytical Cookie—This cookie is used to collect information about how users of the website navigate around the various pages, links and content.
  • Analytical Marketing Cookie—This cookie is used to collect information about how visitors who have landed on our website from our advertisements or banner advertising on other websites navigate around the various pages, links and content.
When we use a cookie for these purposes, the cookies only last the duration of the visit and we do not record any information that will uniquely identify you. The information is collated for statistical purposes from all visitors to the website to give us an overall picture of how users navigate around the website.
  • Session Cookies—These cookies are used to maintain your session and are strictly necessary.
  • Infrastructure Cookies—These cookies are used to help with the functional elements of the site infrastructure (e.g. when a visitor enters a ticker symbol in the "Symbol Lookup" function, the cookie will help the website to provide the correct data in answer to the query)
For the cookies that are strictly necessary for the website to work you are agreeing to their use by continuing to browse this website. To the extent permitted by applicable law, there is no prior consent required and the only way to revoke your consent is to set your browser to refuse to accept or disable cookies, although this will impact your experience. You can also erase cookies that are already on your computer or mobile device. For more information about working with cookies, you should consult your user manual, FAQ, or "help" function of your specific browser and operating system software.